KLS - Kachroo Legal Services, P.C. & Gaytri Kachroo
Practice Areas
The general principle of holism was summarized by Aristotle in Metaphysics: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" (1045a10).
KLS is well-versed in many practice areas, with steep experience in corporate and litigation domains. Our recent experience with the SEC, SIPC, and other government agencies has provided us with the tools to work through complex legal situations.
We are able, therefore, to advocate for you as litigation counsel in the courtroom – with our affiliates – and within corporate board rooms. We also provide incisive, strategic advisory services in all areas of business and fraud litigation, domestic and cross-border and stand ready to advise institutional Boards, managers, shareholders, and audit committees on compliance and ethics issues.
Our corporate and litigation abilities combine to provide you with an integrated, holistic approach to legal processes.
KLS offers free initial consultations for U.S. connected services anywhere in the world.
KLS provides services to plaintiffs in personal injury matters. We represent individuals injured in accidents (automobile and other) as well as general civil liability matters. We understand that victims injured in such accidents face issues such as obtaining appropriate medical attention and ultimately, appropriate compensation for pain and suffering. Our commitment to servicing the injured is unparalleled. Please contact us directly for further information.
Notice to All Prospective Clients: Please do not send any unsolicited materials for our review prior to consultation and engagement. Thank you.

Our services include:
  • General strategy and advice for difficult legal issues
  • Specific advice on fraud investigation and litigation
  • Cross-border and international issues
  • Regional specialites: India, Canada, Europe, South America
  • Incorporation
  • General Counsel services
  • Civil business and securities litigation
  • Class action suits and defense with affiliate firms
  • Fraud litigation
  • Contracts
  • International transactions including supply, agency, franchise agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions including due diligence and related agreements
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Corporate audit committee matters
  • Corporate ethics compliance
  • Government relations
  • SEC compliance and investigation
  • Personal injury – representation of plaintiffs
Areas of Focus