Public Health and Consumer Protection
Large and small scale injury derived from various scenarios/instances of tortious conduct, including political strikes or picketing, brutality against the public or against authorities or authority figures, vehicular torts (trains, buses, cars), misconduct relating to consumers and investors, pharmaceutical and general health care torts all involve issues of public consciousness around which KLS wishes to encourage thought, scholarship, and jurisprudence on state, national, and international levels.
As a result, KLS has been retained in cases that not only involve injuries to the person from a multitude of incidents, they often evoke key areas for social reform that occur at the individual or mass levels through public and transparent litigation (both routine and cutting edge).

The types of injuries covered by such cases include:
  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Rights (including race, gender, age, and disability discrimination)
  • Product Liability
  • Consumer Advocacy and Mass. Gen. L. c. 93A claims
  • Mass Tort