Restorative Justice Clinic
Dr. Gaytri D. Kachroo is deploying an innovative approach to solving complex and difficult private and public emotional issues that may have a family, spiritual, or highly charged public profile.
The approach involves therapeutic healing of deep emotional scars or recent trauma that requires a sense of justice and mediation off the beaten path of the courtroom or standard settlement negotiation. The legal is mingled with the spiritual and psychological to provide support to the conflicted parties who want to resolve differences in a forum of respect and earned trust, toward healing and the settlement of differences with multi-faceted goals including financial liability as applicable. Note that a solution of both legal and therapeutic interventions will be suggested at consultation, and then customized and implemented within the settlement process.

Possible Conflicts that will be considered for Clinic Resolution include:
  • Family and Divorce Mediation
  • Sexual Abuse (Church and other)
  • Public and Political Violence
  • Workplace Harassment (Sexual harassment and other issues)
  • Gender and Other Discrimination

KLS has a list of psychologists and psychiatrists - consultants on such cases, but will also work with your current psychological staff. Where clients require - spiritual guides, including institutional staff such as Ministers, Rabbis, Gurus may be called upon as requested or necessary to any particular process.