Dr. Gaytri D. Kachroo

While this website is a work in progress, like its subject, there is a diverse realm of work, contribution, commentary, thought and evolving insight that will be circulated to those with an interest to peruse these pages.

This website was formerly attributed to a practice in legal and advisory work for clients. However, it is now the sphere of contemplation of new initiatives to combat conflict without creating additional fora of adversity. Here commentary can address peace, economic and financial equality and well-being, and inspire meditations both written and youtube videos from various authors on decentralizing technology, innovations in the form and substance of ‘value’ and ways in which neither diversification nor globalization are conceived as antithetical or hegemonic terms.

Dr. Kachroo has current executive roles as CEO and founder of the Project for World Peace, and its fintech arm, SPIRSE, which aims to help spread the wealth through social impact funding of MSMEs and SMEs in emerging economies. Increasing economic opportunity to young adults in emerging economies, to alleviate the stresses of a rising young population, will substantially propel social peace and abate conflict and violence in these regions.

Formerly, Dr. Gaytri Kachroo, has longstanding experience in the legal and regulatory space. She has acted as a corporate transactional attorney and partner in Boston law firms, and more recently as a fraud litigator through her former law firm Kachroo Legal Services, PC. (“KLS”). Formerly admitted to practice in Quebec and Massachusetts, she has retired from the practice of law. She has also co-chaired international practice groups and the India practices of law firms in the Boston area and has practiced transactional domestic and international business law, representing companies from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to multi-national corporations (MNCs) in mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, technology licensing, joint ventures and cross-border issues.

She also built products in the renewable energy and pharmaceuticals spaces. In the latter space, Dr. Kachroo headed a Swiss company with approximately 40 shareholders, for 3.5 years, raising millions in capital, and building an orphan indication vertical for phase 2/3 FDA clinical trials, and managing teams and partnerships over 3 continents. Due to a small band of shareholders, that company did not move forward - stuck in frivolous litigation against Dr. Kachroo for 4 years, which the Federal court finally dismissed and deemed ‘torturous’ on April 18, 2019. The court also noted the alleged plaintiff’s attorneys may have acted without having a client once the company under new leadership decided to file for bankruptcy in 2016.
Order of dismissal and attachments (Gaytri Kachroo’s Statement to the Court adopted into the Record; Offer to Former Rapid Shareholders; Letter of new Leadership before filing for bankruptcy)

Transcript of Hearing - April 18, 2019

In February 2009, Dr. Kachroo represented fraud investigator, Harry Markopolos, before the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee (link to Harry Markopolos on google and to his wiki). She also represented Mr. Markopolos and his Madoff investigation team, Frank Casey, Neil Chelo, Michael Ocrant before the SEC Inspector General. Immersed in the intricacies of the fraud investigation conducted by Mr. Markopolos and his team and fully versed in the decade-long attempt of Mr. Markopolos to alert the SEC authorities to Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, Dr. Kachroo has gained unique expertise in financial fraud investigation, and whistleblower laws in the US. Dr. Kachroo co-authored the book "No one would listen" with Harry Markopolos and assisted in the production of the documentary film: "Chasing Madoff"

In recognition of her accomplishments and expertise, Dr. Kachroo was appointed Vice-Chair of the Global Alliance on the Madoff case. The Global Alliance is comprised of some 50 law firms and 5000 lawyers from approximately 28 countries. Her appointment lead the Alliance’s proposal to create a new International Finance Court, along with other possible substantive proposals for regulation of financial services sector. She coordinated the proposal effort with Alliance members as well as with UNCITRAL, members of the U.S. Congress and other U.S. governmental agencies and experts in the financial services sector.

Dr. Kachroo has co-chaired the international law section of the Boston Bar Association, is Chairman of WorldBoston (a World Affairs Council Member), and has been a member of a number of international and local organizations promoting global communication, networking, education, and enhanced participation of women in global governance.

She has authored several articles and theses in the areas of international human rights, violence as an institutional systemic concept, outsourcing to India, international legal issues relating to Israel and Kashmir, the relevance of diversity to the evolving concepts of property and contract in the international context.

Dr. Kachroo has taught international business transactions at the Southern New England School of Law and teaching assistant at Harvard Law School. She has spoken about her experience with the Madoff fraud at a number of venues for Hedge Fund investors, Harvard Law School,and the University of London. She has also spoken to business and professional gatherings on the internationalization of legal education, outsourcing, and international intellectual property law.


• S.J.D. Harvard Law School, Doctor of Juridical Science, 2002
• LL.M. Harvard Law School, Master of Laws, 1995
• LL.M. McGill University, Master of International Comparative Law, 1991
• LL.B. University of Ottawa, Common Law, 1987
• LL.L. University of Ottawa, License en Droit, 1986
• B.A. Wellesley College, 1982


• Massachusetts Appeals Court - Law Clerk to the Honorable Gerald Gillerman